At O’Neil Appraisal, LLC, we take the health and safety of our clients, customers and their families very seriously and want to be proactive in how we handle the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We recognize that we play a vital part in the real estate and lending industries and must remain open and available to service the needs of our clients and customers. Accordingly, we remain fully operational while taking necessary precautions and implementing the best practices recommended by local, state and federal public health experts.

Below are the operational procedures that we are implementing effective immediately to help reduce potential exposure to the Coronavirus.


“Signs of Illness”: When we make the initial phone call to schedule the appraiser’s inspection of the property, our office will likely conduct a pre-screening by asking if the client or anyone in the household is experiencing flu-like symptoms or if they have had exposure to someone that has. If the answer is yes, the appointment will likely be delayed until sufficient quarantine time has elapsed. If this is a mortgage/lender related transaction, be advised that lenders are asking to be immediately informed of such situations and the order for the appraisal will be placed on a temporary hold.

Travel Advisory”:  We will also inquire if you or any member of your household has recently traveled from outside of the State of Michigan, or outside of the United States or from a known highly infected area.  The same quarantine policy will likely apply as indicated above. 

• “Prepare Your Property”: Please prepare your property for the inspection by opening all doors to all interior rooms and turning on all lights needed prior to the appraiser's arrival for the inspection. This includes all bedroom doors, garage doors, gates, storage units, guest houses, outbuildings, etc.

• “Cancellations or Delays”: Please let us know right away if you find yourself unable to accept, make or keep an appointment for health or any other reason. Every effort will be made to reschedule your inspection as soon as possible.


• “No Contact Inspection”: We will be conducting a “No-Contact Inspection”. This means the appraiser will be keeping a respectful and CDC recommended minimum 6 feet of distance away from the client/customer, family members and any others present at the time of inspection. This means no handshakes, business card or document exchanges (unless absolutely necessary) and otherwise avoiding close personal contact. Please keep in mind this is for the benefit of our clients, customers and their families as well as the appraiser.

• “Precautions”: When arriving for an inspection (as long as supplies remain available) we will be wearing gloves and masks and using hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes before and after the inspection.

As always, we remain dedicated to serving our clients and customers with the safety and professionalism they have come to expect from our staff at O’Neil Appraisal.

For additional information about COVID-19 and things you can do to help protect yourself, please visit a trusted source such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at: